Ecumenical Accompanier

Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) have been serving in the West Bank of Palestine and East Jerusalem since 2002 in the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).  This came about as the result of various religious organizations securing the support of the World Council of Churches in an effort to bring a “Just Peace” to the area.  For a more comprehensive background on the program please check out the EAPPI Web Site @

Our main role is in Palestine and East Jerusalem is to provide a non-violent presence remaining impartial while opposing, investigating and documenting violations of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Laws.  In Southern Hebron Hills which is my placement we also accompany children to schools, sheep herders and farmers to ensure the are safe from harassment and assault.   An additional responsibility is monitoring check points where Palestinians attempt to travel for medical, employment, educational and other reasons

Our main function begins upon our return after what is normally a three month posting.  Presentations in many formats to a wide variety of audiences are essential in an effort to help bring peace, and end to occupation and an end to this very tragic situation.

3 thoughts on “Ecumenical Accompanier

  1. Hi Ron, I really enjoyed reading this blog of your purpose for travelling to this unstable environment. I am so in awe of how happy/positive the people are and so glad they are so welcoming. Blessings to the family who have needlessly lost a son. Take care. Return safely. xo Judy

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